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Wallstreet Journal named The Craig Tann and his team "Top 250 Realtors Nationwide in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015.

We have consistently sold more homes each year than the average Realtor ranking in the top 1% of Realtors nationwide.


With over 1000 homes successfully closed in his career, Craig's experience is 2nd to none.

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Easy Exit Clause

The Stress-Free Easy Exit Clause

Most of us have had the experience of purchasing a product or paying for a service only to discover that it doesn’t meet with our satisfaction.  In today’s world, the merchant is expected to make good on their transaction and alleviate any problems to the satisfaction of the customer. In these instances, it’s common for the vendor to offer a refund, an exchange or even a store credit. It just makes good business sense for the merchant to tend to the customer’s needs since loyal customers are the life blood of a successful business.

But suppose you find out that your realtor is not fulfilling your listing agreement? In addition to not marketing your home or following up on leads, they’re not even returning your phone calls?  Having your home listed with an unresponsive agent or brokerage is truly one of the most exasperating situations to be in for a customer. The unscrupulous agency may refuse to release you from the listing contract thereby making an already tense situation worse.

Being stuck in a listing agreement with an agent who is derelict in their duties is not only a frustrating experience, but it’s one of the leading complaints customers have about real estate agents.

If an agent’s performance is called into question, you should make every effort to communicate with them to voice your dissatisfaction and give them a chance to set things right. Even the most responsible agent can occasionally make a mistake, it happens.  A simple miscommunication or misunderstanding can usually be quickly rectified without causing any further concern.

However, if the realtor is unable or unwilling to provide an equitable resolution to the problem or if you’re unhappy about the current arrangement with your broker or your agent, you should seek dissolution of the listing agreement so you are free to make a different arrangement with another broker. It is better for all parties involved to simply release you from the agreement so that everyone can move forward.

Here at the Craig Tann Group, we believe a real estate agent should be held to very high standards. All of our realtors are in the business of advertising your property to garner the attention of potential buyers and are expected to respond to all inquiries and handle any negotiations on your behalf swiftly and proficiently. Our real estate agents promptly communicate all offers to you and keep you up-to-date as to the progress of your listing.  We also keep you well-informed of any fluctuating market conditions that might affect the sale of your property.

However, we also know that in the course of human events, there may be issues that cannot be resolved. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our brokerage, each of our listing agreements includes what is called a Stress-Free Escape Clause which releases any and all affected parties who might find the arrangement unsatisfactory using a simple 24 hour written notice.

We provide our clients with this easy but effective escape clause because we strongly believe the services that we offer are unsurpassed in the Las Vegas area.